Dresscode Size Information

Lengths:  At the order screen, you will have to select a size and length so please refer to the appropriate size chart below to ensure you are ordering the right size garment. For larger or smaller sizes not shown on the chart, Call us at (215) 455-ROBE.


 The length you choose at the ordering screen will determine the length of your finished garment. The length is measured from the back, from the bottom of the neck to the hem of your garment.  The garment will have a two inch hem.



Short:   Hem: 48 inches---Sleeves: 22-1/2 inches


Reg:      Hem: 54 inches---Sleeves: Women 24-1/2 inches   Men 25-1/4 


Long:    Hem: 59 inches---Sleeves: 26-1/4


Custom Fitting:

There is an additional charge of $56.00 for customizing. If you choose to send your measurements be sure to: Call us at (215) 455-7632


*) Do not make the measuring tape too tight, snug or too loose. When measuring the waist measurement, insert two finger inside the tape. Please don't add more ease to your measurement because we will add the appropriate ease.

Return Policy: Garment may be reworked or returned.



                              HOW TO MEASURE


 * Use a standard tape measurer showin- Arm Length: Measure from the top of the shoulder down to where the sleeve should end.


 A - Chest/Bust: Measure all around at the fullest part of the chest or bust.


 B - Waist:  Measure around the fullest part of the waist area, inserting 2 fingers in the tape.


 C - Hip:  Measure around the hips placing the tape around the fullest part of the butt. The waist is 7 or 9 inches below the waist.