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"For God's

Beauty & Glory"

-Ex. 28:3

Dress Code Design is an energetic design studio, always offering professional and distinctive styles in ministry wear, accessories, religious supplies and more. Our designs can be made exclusively to your taste. Whether your need is for clergy apparel, accessories, religious supplies, dancewear,  ministry uniform, group designs or public appearance, Dress Code is committed to supplying you with annointed and consecrated garments that best suits your needs.


Based in the Philadelphia area, Dress Code has supplied stores and boutiques such as CLC Book Center along with several ministries and churches from Philadelphia and New Jersey to Louisiana. Dresscode Design is supported by an experienced and well trained design and production crew capable of handling small and large orders in a reasonable time frame.


Mission Statement: Dress Code is committed to supplying customers with distinctive, ready to order, custom uniforms and accessories, made with care.  Our goal is to establish and maintain a dependable customer/client relationship, always including that personal touch.

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