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Clergy Vestments with Garment Bag

Clergy Vestments with Garment Bag


• 6 Pc Garment set with a Zippered Garment Bag includes:• 1) A cassock with a zippered front, pocket and hand opening, 3 back pleats, lined to waist, optional decorative buttons and full lining upgrade. Fabric: Poplin• 2) A white rochet with attached color band and pleated cuffs.

Fabric: White Polycotton

* 3) Matching chimere with a pleated back.

* 4) A matching tippet which is pleated at the neck. It is approx.

the same length as the surplice. Fabric: Poplin

* 5) A matching cincture.

* 6) Zippered Garment bag included.

  • Details

    Style #6PCU180

    Allow 5 weeks for delivery.

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